Raw Cable -- Cable, Connectors and Tools for the Professional and the DIYer

If you've ever been in the position of needing just a few feet of cable for an engineering project or for a home do-it-yourself job, you've probably found that getting specific cable needs filled in short lengths can be quite a pain. Full-line professional wire and cable distributors don't like to break up spools of cable, which can sometimes contain a hundred times as much material as you need, while retail walk-in establishments rarely have a meaningful selection of high-quality professional wire and cable.

Rawcable.com is a division of Blue Jeans Cable, the Internet's leading supplier of professional-quality home theater cable made from broadcast-industry standard materials. Because we are a full-scale cable assembly house, we carry a wide variety of Belden and other cable products, along with a variety of connectors and tools for assembling and terminating cables. Additionally, to cater to specialty customers we will be bringing on an increasing number of cables and connectors outside of our normal product range.

If you need a cable not listed here, by all means drop us a note and let us know what it is and how much you need; we'll let you know whether we can bring it in stock and at what price.

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