Blue Jeans Cable LC-1

LC-1 is a cable we have custom-made for us by Belden as an unbalanced analog audio interconnect. It has a 25 AWG solid copper center conductor, a foam PE dielectric, and a double-braid bare-copper shield. Its dimensions, apart from the center conductor, are identical to Belden 8281F and so it can usually be used with connectors sized for that cable, except that in the case of a pin-crimp type connector it is usually necessary to substitute in a pin designed to fit a smaller-gage cable. LC-1 was designed for high low-frequency shield effectiveness and low capacitance (about 12.2 pf/ft).

Order a Cut Length:

1-24 ft1.80/ft
25-199 ft1.44/ft
200 ft +1.20/ft
Length (in whole feet)ColorPriceBuy


Order a Full Spool:

BJC LC-1, 1000 ft spool $1150.00

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