Canare Solder-on RCA, TRS and TS Connectors

Canare's F-series solder-on connectors are well-made, mechanically sturdy connectors, nickel-plated (except for the RCA plugs which are gold-plated on the contact surfaces) and suitable for use with cable up to about 1/4" diameter (e.g., most RG-59 type cables and most balanced audio cables); cable up to about .3 inch diameter can be accommodated if the strain relief spring is left off.

Part No.DescriptionPriceQuantityBuy
F-10RCA Plug4.08

F-111/8" Mono (TS) Plug4.51

F-121/8" Stereo (TRS) Plug4.74

F-151/4" Mono (TS) Plug4.11

F-161/4" Stereo (TRS) Plug4.51

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