Taversoe RCA Connectors

The Taversoe three-piece crimp RCA plug is designed to fit Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Analog Audio Cable, and will almost certainly not fit any other readily available stock cable. Its center pin is sized for a 25 AWG solid center conductor, and its main body will accommodate a cable core diameter (measuring around the dielectric, not around the shield) of about .193 inch (which is approximately the size of the dielectric of Canare LV-77S, or Belden 8281F).

Crimp tools which do a two-way crimp (crimp pin, then assemble plug and crimp sleeve) on 8281F or Canare LV-77S will handle this plug.

Part No.Price
QuantityBuyCommon Applications
Taversoe 73.753.603.50

BJC LC-1; unlikely to fit anything else
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